Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rise of darkness, Dark Armed Dragon

Dark Armed Dragon, the big daddy in Yugioh. He is sooo easy to summon. Just a few cards played will get you to three darks. Remove a Dark to pop a card on the field is sooo stupid. I can’t see how Black Luster Soldier: Envoy Of The Beginning  is banned, but this is not. This card is guaranteed to break games if/when you drop him on the board. Refuel your darks with Dark Grepher and a lot of other choices to keep abusing his effect.

that's potential for instant card advantage EVERY turn. Granted, he can't be Special Summoned aside from the way mentioned, but that's pretty good. You could certainly do a Dark monster deck that focuses around this guy with some beatdown or something.
He's stronger than the Monarchs, and arguably easier to summon. Just be sure you can protect him, as he is still vulnerable to all your favorite monster killers and Magic and Trap cards. 

The big bonus that DAD gets when he is played is that he can be used virtually everywhere. Anywhere you can have 3 DARK monsters in the graveyard is a valid deck for DAD. Allure of Darkness, Dark Grepher and the Destiny Heroes are perfect for use with him as well, providing a platform for which to springboard this guy into the record books as one of the most expensive card in the game.