Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dread from the sky, Blackwings

While Blackwings’ available cards haven’t changed since the release of shining darkness, there have been trends and shifts in how they’re played.
Blackwings are another deck that is very “user friendly.” What that means is even a relative beginner can pick up a deck like Blackwings or Cat Synchro and win. Like Cat Synchro, the deck is based around using cards that stop the cards that stop you from swarming the board. Like all tier one decks, Blackwings are able to swarm while retaining card advantage. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the reasons for Blackwing dominance.

On the surface, players just remember the games where Blackwing players are putting 4 monsters on the field, boosting Bora, and shoving over their set Sangan before using Dark Strike Fighter for game. They tend to forget the games where the Blackwing player uses a key late-game Blizzard, or makes a huge Icarus play, or uses Solemn Judgment to shut down a key shift of momentum.

like all of the big decks (including Lightsworn), can play immaculate control or unkempt aggression. However, the other big decks really favor one or the other. Gladiator Beasts, for example, while capable of exploding for virtual game (Heraklinos + s/t back-up) much prefer control. And while Lightsworn/Cat Synchro can create a controlled game state, both much prefer to unleash an aggressive style. Blackwings are the freest to roam due to their incredible versatility (which extends to their side-deck). The reasons for this are the key support cards that allow Blackwing monsters to morph into anything from a battle-impervious wall (Armor Master) to two cards on the opponent’s field (Icarus Attack).


  1. As someone who knows so much about Yu-gi-oh, you have to have a collection right? You should show us.

  2. im going to keep following just for the great art.

  3. @The Square Circle: I agree, I never quite got into card, but the pictures are cool

  4. Whahaha!! I remember playing these in my deck!

  5. You've made some interesting points... I also have some points (actually bubbles) on Enhanced by MS Paint :)