Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The eyes in the sky. hundred eyes dragon

Kallens key monster from the Dark Signer season, Hundred-Eyes Dragon. Now at first glance this thing seems really hard to summon. Its not. You can easily synchro summon this in Dark World decks. Because Dark World monsters are Fiends, and for a DARK tuner you can use Dark Resonator, before Tragoedia was limited, you could use Tragoedia to copy a level 6 monster in your graveyard to make it a level 6 and tune Krebons into Tragoedia for Hundred-Eyes Dragon. Once a turn you can remove a level 6 or lower dark monster from your graveyard and it gets that name and it gains the same effects as the removed monster.

Hundred-Eyes Dragon is an interesting Synchro monster that clearly requires a deck-based around it to function. You can't simply splash DARK tuners and Fiends into any deck. Its effect is powerful enough so there's not much to say about this card. You can't splash it, but run it if you want to use a deck based around it.