Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kneel To the Frozen Sky: Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier

We have a level 6 WATER Sea Serpent with 2300 ATK and 1400 DEF. These stats make Brionac below average. Even Gaia Knight and Iron Chain Dragon can school him in battle and the attribute and type do not help very much at all.
The effect is what is so astounding. You can send cards from your hand to the graveyard in order to put cards on the field back to the owner's hand. This is primarily used in zombie decks in order to clear the way with massive Mezuki, Burial and Plague plays for the one turn kill, but it also ends up working for almost every deck as it is a generic Synchro. Most decks can easily make a level 6 Synchro, so it is basically an answer to cards that would otherwise cause you trouble, like Stardust, Colossal and Armor Master and in tough spots, Dark Armed Dragon.

You can also use his ability to put himself back to the extra deck, so that your opponent can't play there Mind Control and Brain Control. His effect is rather costly, so unless you REALLY need to get a card off the field or you are going for game, Goyo Guardian is a better choice or even Gaia Knight.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shoot for the Stars: Shooting star Dragon

Here we have the counterpart to yesterdays Red Nova Dragon. Shooting Star Dragon is a level 10 WIND Dragon Synchro with 3300 ATK and 2500 DEF. It does need specific Tuners as well, requiring a Synchro Tuner and Stardust Dragon. Well, these stats are alright as far as a big boss monster goes. The non-generic Synchro stuff hurts, but there are plenty of ways to get out Stardust (Starlight Road) and Formula Synchron is not that hard to get out, so we can pretty much abuse that. Well, as always it is up to the effects to get things done.
The effects is 3 tiered, allowing you to activate each once per turn, even during your opponent's turn. The first one reveals the top 5 cards of your deck and then shuffles it. You get to attack with Shooting Star Dragon once for each Tuner revealed. This makes Shooting Star an Alpha Strike monster, as opposed to Red Nova which is a God monster that sits on the field and dominates. The second effect is that once per turn you can negate the effect of an opponent's acrd that destorys stuff on the field and negate it. Standard Stardust variant stuff there, but it's really useful. The third effect is the same as Red nova, allowing you to remove it from play to negate an attack.
As you can use these effects during either player's turn and the ease of getting out Stardust Dragon over Red Nova, I am going to have to say that Shooting Star is better, but not by much. Red Nova's indestructible option is far more attractive than a one per turn blanket negation. But the odds are you are going to be seeing more of Shooting Star Dragon in the weeks to come, as it is clearly a great monster and will win you the game most of the time it hits the field.
I am a little biased towards big scary dragons, but I have got to say, this is one of the first amazingly hard monsters to bring out that has actually been worth the effort in every single way.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dark Steel, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

This is the one card that makes Dragon decks even considered for competetive play. He boasts an impressive 2800 ATK and 2400 DEF on a level 10 DARK Dragon. DARK is always good and Dragon is what makes the card playable, although it would work for pretty much any other type as well.

The effects are that you can Special Summon it by removing a Dragon monster on the field from play. Then, once per turn you can Special Summon a Dragon type monster from your hand or graveyard.

The fact that it can be Special ummoned is what makes this card VERY good. You can use things like Totem Dragon to remove it, or even just tribute summon it. The ideal way to get this guy to the field is with Future Fusion. You use FF to send 2 REDMD, 2 Red Eyes Wyvern and a Totem Dragon targeting Fve Headed Dragon. At the end phase, you get two REDMD cards to the field.

Using Foolish Burial you can even get some of the bigger Dragons like Tyrant Dragon and White Night Dragon to the field for pretty much nothing. It gets a little cheap even when you have cards like Burial and Dragon's Mirror to bring enormous Dragons to the field. Basically, this card is crazy good for swarming with big guys, and using cards like Cards of Consonnance, you can get comboes going with White Stone of Legend.

  There are just so many combos you can pull off with this guy... Totem Dragon, Future Fusion, and Five Headed Dragon are his best friends, and when coupled with Red-Eyes Wyvern, it's easy to pull off massive swarms.  Backbone of Dragon OTKs, and he's only going to get better as more dragon support is released.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Power of the twilight hour. LIght And Darkness Dragon

This is the best card in Yu-Gi-Oh!, hands down. 2800 ATK, and a negation effect that is second to none. He can't be Special Summoned, which balances out his extreme goodliness. Then when he finally does bite the dust, you get a monster from your graveyard. Incredible, no?

There isn't a whole lot to say about this card that hasn't already been said. He is the easiest to get, best promo card ever in Yu-Gi-Oh! and that makes him more dangerous than any card in the game. Even little kids can see that once you summon this card you get a serious advantage that will pretty much win you the game. Plus the card art is amazing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The eyes in the sky. hundred eyes dragon

Kallens key monster from the Dark Signer season, Hundred-Eyes Dragon. Now at first glance this thing seems really hard to summon. Its not. You can easily synchro summon this in Dark World decks. Because Dark World monsters are Fiends, and for a DARK tuner you can use Dark Resonator, before Tragoedia was limited, you could use Tragoedia to copy a level 6 monster in your graveyard to make it a level 6 and tune Krebons into Tragoedia for Hundred-Eyes Dragon. Once a turn you can remove a level 6 or lower dark monster from your graveyard and it gets that name and it gains the same effects as the removed monster.

Hundred-Eyes Dragon is an interesting Synchro monster that clearly requires a deck-based around it to function. You can't simply splash DARK tuners and Fiends into any deck. Its effect is powerful enough so there's not much to say about this card. You can't splash it, but run it if you want to use a deck based around it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rise of darkness, Dark Armed Dragon

Dark Armed Dragon, the big daddy in Yugioh. He is sooo easy to summon. Just a few cards played will get you to three darks. Remove a Dark to pop a card on the field is sooo stupid. I can’t see how Black Luster Soldier: Envoy Of The Beginning  is banned, but this is not. This card is guaranteed to break games if/when you drop him on the board. Refuel your darks with Dark Grepher and a lot of other choices to keep abusing his effect.

that's potential for instant card advantage EVERY turn. Granted, he can't be Special Summoned aside from the way mentioned, but that's pretty good. You could certainly do a Dark monster deck that focuses around this guy with some beatdown or something.
He's stronger than the Monarchs, and arguably easier to summon. Just be sure you can protect him, as he is still vulnerable to all your favorite monster killers and Magic and Trap cards. 

The big bonus that DAD gets when he is played is that he can be used virtually everywhere. Anywhere you can have 3 DARK monsters in the graveyard is a valid deck for DAD. Allure of Darkness, Dark Grepher and the Destiny Heroes are perfect for use with him as well, providing a platform for which to springboard this guy into the record books as one of the most expensive card in the game.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yugioh Card Reviews: Dark End Dragon

Hello everybody, today i wanted to start writing some reviews about some of my favorite cards starting with this one.
Dark End Dragon was originally released in Japan's Limited Edition set with its counter part Light End Dragon and the other 2 monsters that were used to bring the two dragons out. Dark End Dragon however is the better of the two, big shocker there right? But seriously, Dark End Dragon is a level 8 Synchro monster that needs a Dark non-Tuner monster with the Tuner to summon it, and once a turn it can take 500 attack and defense from itself to send a monster your opponent controls to the graveyard.

Now, this is really good for the sole fact that this card really doesn't have to attack to take out any monster your opponent controls. Since Dark End Dragon has a similar weakness when it comes to decreasing its attack, as that of Light and Darkness Dragon. Since its stats cant really be divided up by five, you have a limited amount of usage, and since you have to decrese its defense as well, you only have 4 times you can use Dark End Dragons ability. Now, thats enough to wipe out all monsters your opponent controls since more times than not no player has 5 monsters on their field during any game unless its like Scapegoat with another monster or something.

Dark End Dragons ability could literally mean the end of the duel if the player with Dark End Dragon has the right field or if the opponents life points are just too low and easy to take out. Overall this card is quite the beast and if ever reprinted, its a must in any deck to use at least 1.